Fossils: No Bones About It on CREATION with David Rives

Tune in to TBN Saturday, June 26th at 12:30pm Central to see this week’s brand new episode of CREATION with David Rives as he welcomes geologist, Dr. John Whitmore of Cedarville University to the program to talk about the fossils that we find all over the world and what they tell us about the global flood as described in the book of Genesis.

If you watched the program and want more material related to the subject of fossils, check out the book below.

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FOSSILS Description & Interpretation

This fossil guide is the first fossil directory written within a biblical perspective!

282 pages. Features and contents are:

  • Most fossils are evidences of a single, year-long, cataclysmic event that took place on the earth some 4,500 years ago (The Genesis Flood).
  • These fossils have great value today because they are a reminder of, and proof of, God’s judgment, power, and grace. With proper understanding, fossils are of extreme worth to Christians and help explain the Holy Bible.
  • Nearly 250 fossils described and interpreted in light of the “Eighteen Facts of Paleontology.”
  • Invertebrate and vertebrate animal fossils – Plant fossils – Trace fossils – Living fossils – Dinosaur fossils – Mammal fossils – many more.
  • Trilobites – Archaeopteryx – Ammonites – Pterosaurs
  • Includes 240 full-color photographs and artistic sketches.
  • Most fossils are from the author’s personal collection.
  • Includes an endorsement from Dr. Jerry Bergman.

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