Radiometric Dating on CREATION with David Rives

They say seeing is believing, but since when did truth become whatever we make of it? When it comes to scientific methods like radiometric dating, evidence is often devalued by what we choose to see. So, what do you believe, reality or assumption? And how can you tell the difference? Tackle these questions and more with David Rives on this week’s episode of CREATION.

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Assumptions based on decay rates that may seem to make sense, but may not have remained the same throughout history, especially during Creation week and the flood. In this Video, Assumptions and the Age of the Earth: Radiometric Dating you will learn that the vast majority of dating methods yield Biblically consistent dates, and true science is the Christian’s friend. Dr. Michael Houts has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and serves as the Nuclear Research Manager NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. He’s an auxiliary writer for Apologetics Press, he’s also received Exceptional Service Medals and Engineering Achievement Medals from NASA and he worked for 11 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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