Coconino Sandstone on CREATION with David Rives

The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, was formed through erosion, wind, rain, and the Colorado River over the course of millions of years…or was it? Join David Rives and his guest Dr. John Whitmore of Cedarville University as they tackle the truth that lies within the canyon’s Coconino sandstone on this week’s episode of CREATION.

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Does the Coconino Sandstone in the Grand Canyon signify deposition in a desert or a marine environment? Secular geologist point to the Coconino as an indication of desert sand dunes. Dr. John Whitmore, however, believes it contains strong evidence for deposition in a marine underwater environment. Dr. John Whitmore received his PhD in biology from Loma Linda University and teaches geology at Cedarville University. His publications include many GSA abstract, journal articles, book chapters and popular articles. He speaks internationally on the topics of creation, geology, and Noah’s flood and has led many research trips in the Grand Canyon.

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