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Tune in to TBN Saturday, January 15th at 12:30pm Central to see this week’s episode of CREATION with David Rives as he discusses symbiotic and mutualistic relationships between animals. We have all seen it – the scrawny little ox pecker hitching a ride off of a wildebeest; the gutsy Remora fish cleaning the teeth of a great white; and the gawky vulture laboring to swallow a femur. Believe it or not, this amusing sometimes odd behavior is actually a sign of a relationship. Learn more about this delicate and unique give-and-take on this week’s episode of CREATION.

If you watched the program and want related material, check out the DVD below that features David and Dr. Jobe Martin talked about the symbiotic relationship of sea life.

Symbiosis On The Reef DVD

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Is an eco-system that depends on all of its members evidence of slow evolution or well-thought-out creation? Learn answers in Symbiosis On The Reef Video. Many creatures depend on each other for survival. In some cases if one is eliminated, the other one will die. Could these creatures evolve or were they specially created to live together?

“Many creatures and organisms have such highly specific needs outside of themselves that it requires this other organism to keep them alive.” – Dr. Jobe Martin – 

“Coral has to control the amount of oxygen by controlling the amount of algae that it permits to live in it… and I’m supposed to believe that’s just accidental?” – Dr. Jobe Martin –

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