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Tune in to TBN Saturday, January 22nd at 12:30pm Central to see this week’s episode of CREATION with David Rives. The book of Genesis – is it just a nice Sunday-school story, or is it a verifiable record to the history of our planet? Can we take each verse in its chapters literally, or is it too impossible to believe? Find out how probable this book of the Bible is on this week’s episode of CREATION.

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View the Episode Synopsis below to find out more about topics that are covered in the series:

1. Design — Chaos or Creation?
This episode kicks off the series by exploring the age-old question: Was the universe designed or is it a product of random chance? The first installment begins with a memorable and engaging introduction to the fundamentals and flaws of evolutionary theories and contrasts them with Scripture that illuminates the undeniable evidence of God’s creation.
2. Origins of Life — Plants and Animals
Where did life come from? Was it a chemical accident in a primordial pond or a living microscopic stowaway on an ancient asteroid? Or was it something more intentional? This episode explores the mystery of how life on Earth began. Our experts analyze the prevailing theories of life’s origins and test them against known natural laws, recent genetic evidence, and other data that point to the divine origins of plants and animals, as explained in the Genesis account.
3. Origins of Life — Humans
One of the most controversial questions in all of science centers on where humans came from. Did we evolve from the animal kingdom, or were we uniquely and divinely created, as Genesis states, to hold stewardship over the earth? This episode examines some of the prevailing theories about mankind’s origins and presents fascinating new evidence from genetic and medical research that indicates we’ve been misguided by 150 years of evolutionary theories and teachings.
4. Fossils
What does the fossil record actually reveal about the history of life on Earth? In this episode, we explore the secrets of the past revealed by fossils and expose how appearances can be deceiving. Astonishing new discoveries from dinosaur fossils cast doubt on mainstream assumptions about the age of the earth and suggest that cutting-edge science is only beginning to uncover the wisdom and complexity of God’s design.
5. Noah’s Flood
There is little disagreement among scientists that the earth’s climate and geology have been drastically altered by water since the beginning of time, but they puzzle over how and when this occurred. Does the great worldwide Flood described in Genesis explain natural wonders like Grand Canyon? Or was it the result of gradual erosion over eons of time? Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis takes this question on location, where one of the world’s leading experts in Flood geology puts the evidence on display.
6. Age of Earth
How old is Earth? Understanding the approximate age of the earth is more than an intellectual curiosity—it’s actually a critical issue of faith. By taking a closer look at the scientific evidence, this episode reveals why basic assumptions about Earth’s age may be flawed. A recent, explosive example provides further evidence that the earth’s ancient past may not be so ancient after all.
7. Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs captured our imaginations long before the field of paleontology was established in the 1700s. Dragons, winged serpents, and giant behemoths have inhabited folklore around the world for centuries. Most modern scientists claim dinosaurs became extinct eons ago, while ancient historians and monster-hunters have recorded more recent sightings. Did dinosaurs really die off before the age of man? Do we believe the Genesis account? This segment explores surprising evidence that dinosaurs may have walked the earth with early humans and explains why that matters to Christians.
8. The Ice Age
Most scientists agree that the earth has experienced long periods of time when glacial ice covered the continents as a result of drastic changes in geology and atmosphere. What worldwide cataclysm could have caused such a dramatic change in Earth’s climate? How did it affect the development of civilization? Could it happen again? We will dig into the causes and effects of the Ice Age and what it tells us about the world we live in today.
9. Ancient Civilizations
If all living things except Noah and his family were destroyed in the Genesis Flood, how and when did civilizations rebuild? Where did the Neandertals come from? How did the great nation of Egypt develop? Are the Bible stories of Moses and the nation of Israel historical? Using the latest discoveries in biology, medicine, archaeology, and anthropology, this episode unearths man’s past to help us uncover the truth.
10. Origin of the Universe
Modern technology enables scientists and stargazers to explore distant parts of the universe that ancient astronomers only dreamed of. New physics discoveries provoke fascinating and often fanciful theories about how the universe began but offer no tangible evidence. By applying the laws of empirical science and mathematics to the question of origins, it becomes apparent that the Genesis account of creation is startlingly accurate. Once again, science confirms Scripture.
11. Uniqueness of Earth
How is it possible that we exist at all, much less on a planet filled with so much beauty and complexity, hanging upon nothing in the endless void of space? Is the earth unique or merely, as Carl Sagan once said, “an insignificant planet of a humdrum star, lost in a galaxy” among millions of galaxies? By analyzing the uniqueness of Earth’s—and our own—position in the universe, we discover more about God’s eternal plan, starting in Genesis.
12. The Big Picture
Over the course of these episodes, we will guide the viewer through profound mysteries that have puzzled man for centuries. This final episode reflects on the key questions and evidence and asks the viewers to consider what they have witnessed and learned. Having seen evidence that confirms the biblical account of creation as found in Genesis, not just on terms of faith but on terms of science, viewers should acknowledge a greater security and confidence in the Bible’s message and purpose.

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