“Creation in the 21st Century” episode: “The Mystery of the Dinosaurs” with Mike Snavely of Mission: Imperative

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Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives
Episode 19. “The Mystery of the Dinosaurs” – With guest Mike Snavely of Mission: Imperative

DON’T MISS this exciting episode of Creation in the 21st Century! The special guest on this episode is Mike Snavely of Mission: Imperative, who will answer 4 of the most asked questions about the illusive creatures that we know today as “Dinosaurs”. WATCH this archive episode of Creation in the 21st Century titled: “The Mystery of the Dinosaurs”.

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This exciting DVD is directly associated with the presentation that Mike delivers on this week’s episode of Creation in the 21st Century.

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  1. Hi David, Just wanted to know about the carbon dating on Dino bones. Where do scientist get those very old dates for bones? Also, someone ask me about when Cain was banished and went and found a wife in the land of Nod. Where did these people come from? I had no answer for this.

    1. I think God made Adam and Eve first That’s who we hear about in the Bible as the first Humans.. I think he made other people after that. Obvuasley because Cain found is wife in Nod. But if there is another answer Id like to know.

  2. Id like to know how can evolutionist say birds are living dinosaurs? When They hatch has baby birds from the egg and not a baby dinosaurs?

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