The Horror of the Flood – With David Rives and Mike Snavely on TBN

Join David Rives (host), as he welcomes Mike Snavely of “Mission: Imperative!” Get answers to the 5 most asked questions about the global flood as recorded in the Biblical book of Genesis.

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This session covers key aspects of the flood by answering many questions, including:

  1. Is there physical evidence for a global event?
  2. Why was there a flood?
  3. What happened, and how?
  4. What was the ark really like?  Could the animals really fit in?
  5. What did this catastrophe cause?

This was a cataclysmic event that still has profound implications for us today. Furthermore, it provides us with a look at God’s terrible judgment of the past, and a warning for the one to come!

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This book arguably provides the most persuasive evidence, not only against the theory of evolution, but also for a global flood, of any book on the market. Dr. Walter Brown has written this volume in three parts. Part I provides solid facts from the three major scientific disciplines (cosmology, geology, and biology), against evolution. Part II contains absolutely fascinating detail concerning evidence for a world-wide flood, and a biblically sound and scientifically plausible theory of a mechanism that would have produced such a cataclysm. This is called the hydroplate theory. Part III contains answers to many questions people have regarding all these issues. This understandable, comprehensive, and meticulously documented resource will give new insight to readers of all backgrounds. Evidence that could revolutionize our understanding of origins is carefully explained. This is a “must have” work for anyone serious about acquiring information crucial to the origins debate.      328 pages

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