The Galapagos Islands – A Different View with David Rives and Dr. Georgia Purdom on TBN

Tune in to TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) this Friday, March 17th at 5:30pm Central (3:30pm Pacific) to see this week’s episode of “Creation in the 21st Century.” Join David Rives (host) as he welcomes Dr. Georgia Purdom to the program titled: The Galapagos Islands – A Different View.” Dr. Purdom takes us on an incredible visual journey to this breathtaking place. Contrary to evolutionary perspectives, evidence is presented that leads to an entirely ‘different view’ of what is observed there.

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Join author Dr. Georgia Purdom for an exciting adventure through the Galápagos Islands with this beautiful, full-color book. Gain new insights into the science and history of the islands from a biblical perspective! Explore the wonder of God in this full-color book filled with vibrant images of the glorious Galápagos Islands, which Darwin visited, and completely misinterpreted! View this Pacific paradise with creation scientist Dr. Georgia Purdom and read the articles of nearly 30 other researchers to discover powerful insights from biology, geology, and other disciplines that give God the glory due His name. Your faith will be strengthened by this book’s unique emphasis on God’s handiwork, majesty, and mercy – rather than the legacy of Darwin.

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Take a field trip to the Galapagos!

What better field trip than to the Galapagos Islands! Every secular science textbook hails Darwin with god-like status, ascribing to him the answers about the origin of life. Lance and Penney Davis, founders of Living Science, wanted to show their students the biblical perspective on the origin of life. Lance and Penney Davis’ trip to the Galapagos Islands with their students and Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers in Genesis, gave them the opportunity to highlight the magnificence of God’s fingerprint in every location where Darwin turned his back on the Creator. It was indeed, the trip of a lifetime.

Journey to The Galapagos also highlights the scientific evidence confirming the biblical account of creation and the Flood in Genesis as explained by Dr. Georgia Purdom, who brings to bear her expertise in genetics. She draws on her extensive knowledge to explain in layman’s terms that “molecules-to-man” evolution is not taking place on these islands. You will enjoy the refreshing biblical perspective as it strengthens your faith with answers!

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