Dr. Chuck Thurston, MD

Dr. Charles Thurston, MD with David Rives (host of “Creation In The 21st Century”) at TBN’s International Studios in Dallas, Texas.


Name: Dr. Charles Thurston, MD
Title: Medical Doctor
Specialty: DNA, “Body Codes”

A board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Thurston has served in hospitals in Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia and California for over thirty years.  Between shifts in the ER and writing, he has traveled to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece in search of the many infallible proofs that bring the Bible alive.

Dr. Thurston is also an instrument rated and multi-engine pilot and has made numerous medical missions trips to Haiti, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico serving with Y.W.A.M., Mercy Ships, Sharing Ministries, World Harvest for Christ, Operation Blessing, Heart to Honduras, and the Baptist River Ministry along the Rio Grande over the years.

This doctor is also an accomplished blacksmith, cabinet-maker, and Eighteenth Century gunsmith. He has used these skills and his forge and shop to make models for special presentations on “The Bible and Modern Science” and “The Stars of Christmas”. 

“Creation in the 21st Century” episodes with guest Dr. Charles Thurston, MD:

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In this awe-inspiring DVD, Dr Thurston delivers a powerful message. You will be amazed as a perfect picture of the throne room of God is revealed through the intricate design of the human chest and the human heart.Dr. Thurston was a guest on “Creation in the 21st Century” with David Rives. As a part of the program he gave a presentation on this same subject. If you saw the program on TBN entitled: “Create In Me A Clean Heart” and would like to see the presentation again at your own pace, then this is the DVD for you!”Over the past five years the pattern of scripture imbedded in the rest of the whole body has manifested itself. It is the best form of Cross-Cultural communication from Heaven to us I have ever seen and brings most who view it to tears.” – Dr. Charles Thurston, MD BUY NOW

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