Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives | “Information Explosion” with Dr. Rusty Maisel

How did the book that we know as the ‘Holy Bible’ come to be distributed all over the world? Watch this episode of Creation in the 21st Century to find the answer. Join David Rives as he welcomes renowned Bible expert Dr. Rusty Maisel of The Enduring Word Museum to the show! In this exciting 30 minute program, you will learn the breathtaking history behind the mass distribution of the Holy Bible. There will also be a very special surprise demonstration, so WATCH this program!

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All 3 DVDs in the History and Accuracy of the Bible Trilogy DVD Series with Rusty Maisel and David Rives

DVD #1. “MANUSCRIPTS – Who Wrote The Bible?”

Learn how ancient manuscripts became our modern bible!

Rusty Maisel looks at God’s Inspired Word, original language manuscripts, translations, and the Canon of Scripture. Why do we have 66 Books in our Bible? Who wrote the Bible? Who compiled it? And can we trust what is found in the Word of God? A look at the remarkable history of the Bible, starting with ancient manuscripts.

The Bible, as you will see, is the enduring Word. It has been passed down through history with amazing accuracy, and can be trusted from Genesis to Revelation.

Rusty and David look at God’s Inspired Word, original language manuscripts and translations, and examine up-close some actual collection pieces of priceless value. What about the Canon of Scripture? Why do we have 66 Books in our Bible? Find out the answers as we explore… MANUSCRIPTS – Who Wrote the Bible?

DVD #2. “Information Explosion – Gutenberg and the Printed Bible”

Before the printing press, every bible had to be hand-written. Those “manuscripts” were extremely valuable and only the wealthiest of men could afford to own bible…

The spread of Gutenberg’s technology enabled the renaissance and reformation in Europe and the spread of Scripture to the whole world.

From the information explosion caused by Gutenberg’s press to Tyndale’s defiance of the Church’s wish to keep the Bible in Latin, nothing could stop the Word of God from reaching the hands of even the “…boy who drives the plow.”

DVD #3. “GOD’S WORD Preserved Through Adversity”

Through the ages, faithful men and women have endured great persecution…and the Bible is still under attack today.

What did it take, so that you and I could hold the Bible in our hands and read it for ourselves? There was a lot of bloodshed involved. But also, there were men whose perseverance and boldness was beyond imagination.

Stories of inspiration, but also stories of martyrdom. We like to think that this persecution was all in the past, but even today, those who stand on God’s Word are mocked, criticized, and in some places, possess Bibles at the risk of their own lives. Special Bonus Feature included: Hiding this in a stool could cost you your life.

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